Nature, environment, healthiness, slow times: Sardinia tries to spring back rethinking its approach to tourism. The recipe of Sardinian municipalities for a “Manifesto of the resilient Sardinia”

The pandemic leads the island tourist industry into a deep rethinking of Sardinia as a destination and of the way of promoting it. The challenge for the end of the crisis starts from Santa Teresa di Gallura; beaches, restaurants, accommodation facilities, a strong relationship with host communities: COVID-19 redesigns the [...]

Care & Industry Together Against Corona

The name is “Care & Industry Together Against Corona”; it’s a platform open to the meeting between supply and demand of innovative products and solutions, to share knowledge and practices during this phase of health and socio-economic crisis caused by the spreading of the COVID-19 contagion. Enterprise Europe Network, the [...]

Coronavirus, EU assures: “The agri-food sector showed a great proof of resilience”

The agri-food sector is under special surveillance by EU at the time of coronavirus. For the time being, one certainty: the sector “Is showing resilience, and continues to provide European citizens safe, high-quality food”. Word of European Commission, which continues to monitor all agricultural markets and trade in foodstuffs through [...]

COVID-19, ICE looks to the future and develops companies that want to grow outside Italy

ICE, the Agency for the abroad promotion and the internationalisation of the Italian enterprises, reaches out to companies and takes a series of extraordinary measures to mitigate the effects of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 emergency. ICE’s planned measures include the cancellation of the participation costs to promotional initiatives, [...]

COVID-19, EU’s new Marshall Plan

European Union launches a new Marshall Plan to address the COVID-19 crisis:2,770 billion euros, divided in various expenditure headings. Created to combat unemployment, the SURE fund has seen the addition of the Fund for the needy, the Aid to fishermen and farmers, the Plan to recalibrate all aids of cohesion [...]