Point of single contact


The only way for citizens and businesses to submit a SCIA or "building permit", or to open or modify a commercial or productive business is through the online submission of documents to the competent Point of single contact SUAPE office (mandatory procedure - LR 24 / 2016).

This section, which must be checked after submitting the paperwork, can be used to check the progress of the procedure (administrative documents and acts issued by the relevant offices). You can also manage communications and exchange digital documents with the SUAPE (document integrations, clarification requests, requirement notifications, etc.).

Suape is even closer and simplifies your life. In this section you will be able to easily identify the modules you need, through a simple, guided step by step step. Choose the type of activity you need to do through the SUAPE.

Following the adoption of Regional Law 24 of 2016, the Office for productive and construction activities(SUAPE) is created. Until full operativeness is achieved, the functions of SUAPE offices are carried out by the existing SUAPs.

Users can submit online his paperwork to the Point of single contact (SUAPE) by filling the DUA(Declaration of abilitation) and the appropriate forms. The DUA allows you to select the procedure of interest as regulated by L.R. 24/2016: 0-days self-certification, 20-day self-certification, service conference, conformity assessment. The type of procedure determines the timing and procedural rules of the SUAPE system as a whole.

Point of single contact (SUAP) procedures have radically changed in recent years. Finally, two simple steps are required to start a business: immediate start-up (at 0 or 20 days) and the Service Conference procedure (Art. 1, paragraphs 16-32). Moreover, all procedures are now online. All this was made possible through the Regional Law No. 24 of October 20, 2016 in force since March 13, 2017.

Rimani aggiornato su tutte le modifiche ed integrazioni ai moduli e procedure dello sportello unico SUAPE

The Point of single contact (SUAPE) is ever closer to your needs and simplifies your life. In this section you will be able to easily identify the forms you need, through a simple, step by step guide. Choose the type of activity you need carry out through the SUAPE.

Through this form you can find information about the procedures required to start and manage your business. 

In this section you will find information sheets of the activity you wish to initiate; information includes general data, administrative steps, requirements, regulations, downloadable forms and other important tips.

In the seas of the establishment of the Point of Single Contact (SUAPE) the functions are carried out by existing SUAPs.

To find the closest one to you, consult the SUAP list (organised by municipality). You will find contact details, public opening hours, email addresses and links to websites.

Services for the SUAPE (Point of single contact) and the Third Entities provided by the Regional Coordination of SUAPE points. The Regional Coordination assists the local Points of single contact in order to ensure the proper application of the single procedure, to check for compliance with the sectoral regulations and to ensure homogeneity and service quality levels. Services for users, through which the SUAPE Regional Office aims to facilitate and to simplify enterprise start-up and development, and create a direct line with users.

See the FAQ section of the Point of single contact (SUAPE) and read the answers